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Are Our Homes Smarter Than We Are?

Last week, Amie and I visited Vanguard Technology Consultants to learn more about smart home technology. There are many options out there to make your life more comfortable, help you save money on bills and improve your home’s security.

More and more technologies are coming into our lives and it is an important component to consider when buying or selling a home.

A properly designed smart home can be the difference between feeling like you just bought A home or feeling like you just bought YOUR home. Many buyers today would consider the convenience of having smart technology in a home an asset. The convenience and customization can make you or the next buyer feel at home as soon as you step through the door. 

Smart home technology can be for everyone. Trevor from Vanguard told us the majority of their clients are 40 years old and above! Everything is designed to simplify your life, not complicate it.

You can control your entire home through one app on your phone including various technologies from different manufacturers – for example, you could have a Telus alarm system, a Ring doorbell and a Sonos speaker system running through the same ‘brain’ so that you can control them all from one user interface.

We were shown a few examples of ways you can set up your home. For example, if you have a sensor on your front door, you could have it set to automatically turn on lights and close electric blinds when you open the door. Or you can have pre-set ‘moods’ that integrate multiple components, like a Good Morning mood that turns on lights, starts your favourite playlist and opens your blinds.

If you decide to use a consultant like Vanguard, you can set up a consultation to go over which technologies appeal to you and various solutions. They’ll help you identify the best systems for you, install them and give you an in-person tutorial on how to use everything.

You can make a home of any age a smart home just by upgrading the blinds, lighting, thermostat, or adding in a security camera. If you are building a new home, your consultant can become part of your new build team, advising on where to run wiring before drywall goes up. 


A smart home technology system can set your listing apart from your competition. These features can elevate your listing because the work is already done.

If you are getting ready to list your home, gather all the manuals and instructions on how to use each feature and make sure everything is charged and in good working order. We can work with you to record a “how-to” video that can be used in marketing materials for your listing so buyers can see just how easy and convenient it is. 

Let us know about all the features so we can include them in the photography and description of your home. Receipts to show the value of the components can be helpful in proving to buyers why they should pay more for your home.


While viewing homes, keep an eye out for things like a Nest thermostat and Ring doorbells. Although these things would be considered attached goods, it doesn’t hurt to include them in your offer so you know they’ll be there on possession day. 

Including or excluding smart technologies can be a negotiating tool. Some components can be pricey and if they don’t appeal to you as a buyer, you could allow the seller to remove them but ask for a lower price.

If you are planning to add in some technologies after you take possession make sure you have budgeted for it after closing costs.


If you are considering making your home smart, let us get you in contact with Vanguard to receive preferred customer pricing of 10% off your order.

– Parker

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