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Parker’s First Year as a Realtor

I just had my one year anniversary as a licensed realtor and took some time to reflect on the best parts and the biggest challenges.

This career has delivered on so many levels for me thus far. I have met and exceeded many of my goals and I look forward to checking off more accomplishments in the years to come. 

I spent the last 5 years working in retail sales and customer service. Although selling real estate is a very different game, my values never changed. I always want what’s best for my clients and I will do anything to support them and help them enjoy the process of buying or selling a home. 

It can be hard starting a business in 2022. Do I hop on the social media trend and spend my time bringing valuable content to my followers? Or do I stick to the old-fashioned route, networking and building lifelong relationships? How do I balance both? The unique thing about becoming a realtor is that every decision is mine about how I choose to spend my time, money, and energy.

The best business decision I have made this far is finding a mentor. Someone that has built a successful career on building relationships and offering top-notch service. I feel like I am years ahead of where I would be without her. Learning from her experiences and 17 years of expertise has helped me become a confident, competent realtor. 

As I reflect on the last year I can’t help but think of the best things about this career choice for me:

  • I never stop learning. Contracts, neighborhoods, communication skills, etc. There is always something to learn and improve on which is great because I never feel “stuck” on what I could/should be doing.
  • I get to be me. I can run my business exactly how I choose and trust that I am doing what’s best for myself and my clients. I spent years answering to other people and although I learned so much during that time, there is truly nothing better than making decisions based on my own experience and knowledge and trusting my gut.
  • Schedule flexibility. I work hard but still get to do the things I enjoy. 
  • People and their stories. I get to meet people from all walks of life and be with them during a very important time in their lives. From divorces and deaths to growing families and first-time purchases, a real estate transaction is a major deal and I feel proud to be able to support people through it. 

Any time your life changes drastically, there will be some challenges:

  • Going from a 9-5 to becoming my own boss. Sometimes my day starts at 6 am and some days I am up working until midnight. Sometimes my schedule is jam-packed and my days are double booked and sometimes I struggle to fill my day with meaningful work. I was once told I need to be a good boss to myself. I am still working on this relationship but I have gotten better at taking half a day to myself so I can maintain positive energy throughout the rest of the week
  • Like investing in real estate, being an agent is a long-term game. In past careers, I saw quick results and could easily measure success. Patience and consistency are in my daily practice and I plan on being in this profession for a long time.
  • Self-doubt. I consider myself to be a pretty confident person but with starting any new career, it’s a daunting task to learn the ropes and build something from nothing. I can honestly say that in this first year my confidence has taken a major turn for the better. The confidence doesn’t just come from closing more deals. It comes from learning everything about homes, neighborhoods, negotiating, communication, etc. 

I look forward to continuing to hone my skills as a realtor and building relationships with my clients. At any point in a realtor’s career, but especially when starting out, a referral is the best gift I could receive. And don’t forget that as a thank you to anyone who buys, sells or refers someone to me you will get one entry to our annual sweepstakes!


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