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Scarboro – Gorgeous inner city Sanctuary

Cruise along 17 Ave SW going West and you may not even be aware of it. But trust me, the many people who manage to get off the beaten track just north of the street and manage to walk or bike through the tree-lined community of Scarboro never forget it. Scarboro is an absolutely gorgeous inner-city neighbourhood that should be on your radar if you are looking for a unique home in a quiet, established central part of the city. It’s one of my favourites.

Running from 14 Street SW to Crowchild Trail and north up to 12 Ave where it blends into the community of Sunalta, you may not notice Scarboro that much because it only has a few access roads in and out. This keeps the traffic flow down primarily to residents only and the streets have a quiet, peaceful vibe to them.           

Scarboro is one of Calgary’s older neighbourhoods, created as an extension of Sunalta and developed by the Canadian Pacific Railway on a Dominion land grant in 1912. According to the Scarboro Community Asscociation, the average selling price for these lots was $1100. A good two story home could then be built for around $4000. It’s slightly more now….

Another thing that makes Scarboro highly desirable is that its built on varying elevations that can offer great city views. No cookie cutter homes here. You’ve got everything from cottage styles bungalows to one and half and two storey homes, all with generous lots. There is a quirky mixture of original homes lovingly restored and renovated along with gorgeous modern luxury properties. Scarboro is almost all exclusively single family dwellings (98%), with only a few multi-famliy units on the borders of 17 Ave and 14 Street. There is a total of 323 single family homes.

 Once people arrive in Scarboro, they love it and stay a long time. Not a lot of house flippers or rentals here. This is a destination neighbourhood. Last year there were only 17 sales in the community of 919 people. The lowest priced home was a bungalow which sold for $575,00 and the most expensive was a 1925 Tudor two storey that went for $1,750,000. So, lots of different homes to fit almost any budget. When a house lists in Scarboro, it gets a lot of eyes on it. In 2018, the benchmark price of a detached home in Scarboro was $761,057.  

And why wouldn’t people stay? Just the location itself is amazing. You are close (but still insulated) to the shops, restaurants and pubs of 17 Ave and 14 Street. The Sunalta LRT station is an easy walk. There are also some iconic buildings there, including Sunalta elementary school which is a lovely old sandstone building and Scarboro United Church. If you’re inclined, head down to the Scarboro tennis club and hit some balls. Access to Crowchild and Bow Trails is straightforward and quick. The walkability factor in Scarboro is also high. Most places have glorious gardens in summer and a variety of trees and shrubs.

 Scarboro has the feel of established families and of success. But it’s not just for older people with money.  In fact, it is an eclectic mix of long time residents, young growing families, empty nesters and two income households. The median age of a Scarboro resident is 42.

 If you want something unique and central, Scarbroro offers the very best combination of mature lots with tree canopies, inner city accessibility, a variety of styles and price points and a quiet, safe feel – all while nestled deep in the middle of the city’s core.  Both Amie and I can help you find a beautiful Scarboro home. Talk to us and we can set you up on a search so when your dream home comes up, you are first in line! – Bob  



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