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Five Creative Tips for Packing up your House

Thanks this week to Terry Brown of Relocate Stress Free and Crate-It Storage for this guest blog! They have a ton of storage and packing solutions for you!

Terry started Relocate Stress Free in 2005 to help seniors downsize after a 30 year career in the financial industry.  Since then the business has evolved into a full-service moving company, helping individuals move, solving storage needs and providing assistance for private clients, executors and power of attorneys to handle all the contents in a home that needs to be sold. 

If you look online, you can find thousands of retailers that sell packing materials. You can buy bundles by the size of your house, you can rent packing supplies, or you can pick up boxes from a dozen miscellaneous locations all over the city for free. Did you know that the best packing materials that you need are actually some of your regular household items and are things you can use again!? Save yourself some hassle, and some money by taking a look at this list of our must use items for moving.

Sandwich Bags

These are good for more than just lunches! Use sandwich bags to pack nuts and bolts, hardware for hanging pictures and shelving, and more. These can be filled with air to protect their contents or filled with a filler such as paper. They are easy to store in larger boxes and can be labeled so you know which furniture pieces or shelving hardware is in each. To take the organization a step further, use a painter’s tape (or something else that won’t ruin the surface) to secure it to the furniture, shelf, etc. it belongs to.

Laundry Hamper 

A laundry hamper is an excellent way to move bulky items, that don’t typically fit in a box or crate well. We see clients use them for shoes, toys, extra linens or towels, etc. These are a really great option because they can be rinsed and reused for your laundry room or other storage in your new home. They are relatively cheap too!


Suitcases are the obvious choice to use when moving. Wheeled suitcases are great for your heavier items since you don’t have to carry them. Pack your heavier electronics, games, DVD’s, books and more into suitcases and pull them off to be loaded in your car or moving truck. If packing fragile electronics be sure to use some towels or clothing for extra padding and security.

Towels and other Linens

When packing up your kitchen and fragile home decor, it can be tempting to purchase huge rolls of bubble wrap or paper to protect them from being broken. Instead, make use of what you already have. Towels, washcloths, tea towels, etc. all make excellent barriers to protect your fragile items. Wrap items in linens or place linens in between to avoid any damage on your journey to your new home. Heavy blankets are excellent for protecting large items such as TV’s or computers and sheets can be used to wrap furniture that could be easily scratched or dented.


Who knew socks could be a beneficial item when packing? Instead of having them take up all the room in your duffel bag, place your cups, glasses, home décor items, etc. inside a sock and place them securely in a box. Socks can also be used as a filler in boxes to prevent items from rubbing together.

Moving can be expensive, so saving a dollar here and there can really help. We hope these 5 tips have helped you think of some creative ways to repurpose what you already have when packing up your home.

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