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Home Insurance Q & A with Lacey

2011 has been a big year for hail damage insurance claims in Calgary. This got me thinking about what I am really covered for under my home insurance policy – and if there is anything… Read More

How to Choose Your Next Home Inspector

Thanks to Reinhard Thomas of Inspection Professionals for his guest column with great reference material on choosing an inspector and what to expect from an inspection. You can reach him at 403-650-5159 or with any… Read More

Is Calgary a $10 million kind of city?

In the midst (or hopefully toward the end) of a global recession, the most expensive house ever to sell in Calgary passed hands at an impressive $10,300,000 recently, as I’m sure many of you have… Read More

Are Houses Affordable?

An article was posted on CBC recently about home affordability dropping across Canada throughout the recession and RBC claiming this could be its lowest point, as housing prices across the country have been stabilizing and even… Read More