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Community Profile – Crescent Heights

The inner-city neighbourhood of Crescent Heights is located north of downtown, across the Bow River. It is home to the iconic Centre Street Bridge (the one that has the lions on it!), gorgeous tree-lined streets and some of the best views of Calgary from the top of McHugh Bluff.

Why Real Estate Headlines Are Useless

When people find out you’re in real estate, you’re often greeted by a comment like “I hear the market is hot” or “I hear the market is soft”. Some of these perceptions of the market are based on articles posted on national media outlets about the national real estate market.

Spring Market Update

After a small slowdown in the market in the second half of 2022, Calgary roared right back to life in 2023… well, in some ways.

The market is extremely tight with the lowest inventory we have ever seen. This means properties selling quickly, often in competing offers and often above asking price.

But because inventory is SO lacking, it has brought the number of sales down significantly. There is simply nothing to buy.

2023 Market Forecast

It was so nice to be back at the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) Economic Forecast yesterday to hear from some local experts about where we are headed as a city and what we can expect to see for the years to come. It’s another great reminder of why we are proud to be Calgarians!