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Community Profile – Beltline

From live music to trendy furniture stores, green spaces to highrise buildings, and history museums to the Calgary Stampede. Beltline is considered one of the most popular and exciting neighbourhoods to live and visit in Calgary. For those people who grew up in Calgary, you may remember it being divided into Connaught and Victoria Park. These days, the whole area between the Stampede Grounds and 14th Street is called Beltline.

Since 2017, Beltine has been transforming into an urban art gallery. The Beltline Urban Murals Project (BUMP) is a community-driven initiative to revamp the center of Calgary into an expansive open-air art gallery. You can visit their website to check out where all their events and the locations of the murals. These murals are painted by local, national, and international artists. 

Housing Statistics:

Months of supply is a metric used to determine the type of market we are in – seller, buyer, or balanced market. A typical balanced market would be between 3-4 months of supply, meaning, if no new listings hit the market, this is how long it would take to sell the existing listings. The current months of supply in Beltline is 1.82. This indicates a strong seller’s market, something we have not seen in any area with primarily apartment-style housing since 2014. 

This year is off to a strong start with 49 sales in January, 81% more than a year ago, and 78 sales in February, 144% more than last year. As businesses continue to re-open, companies open new office spaces, and indoor-outdoor events begin, more people are looking to move here. 

From January to February, apartment prices in Calgary jumped 2.5%. 

As interest rates begin to go up and the detached/semi-detached prices continue to rise, this may drive more people back to the inner-city neighborhoods. 


For those who want to walk more and drive less, the Beltline is an ideal location since you can walk to work downtown, multiple grocery stores or to any of the hundreds of shops & services right in the neighbourhood. With many biking lanes, car-share (and scooter-share!) options, and public transit, Beltline is a great place for someone looking to take advantage of the downtown lifestyle and keep their carbon footprint down. You are also in close proximity to other desirable inner-city neighbourhoods like Mission and East Village so this is a perfect place to explore all of the arts, culture, food & urban park space that Calgary has to offer!  

Local Businesses:

Beltine is a trendy community-based neighbourhood and local businesses thrive here. Here are a few of the great local businesses you can find in Beltline.

Restaurants/Bars: Bridgette Bar, Ten Foot Henry, Lulu Bar, Native Tounges Taqueria, Una Pizza, The Coup, Craft Beer Market, Trolley 5.

Coffee: Analog, Rosso, Philosafy, Milano, Socality House, Societe.

Fitness Studios: Rumble Boxing Studio, Rhythm Ride, Passage, Hot Shop

Many small businesses were affected by Covid-19. Some were able to adapt to the changes in society but some were closed permanently. Restaurants and coffee shops were forced to close but still offered take-out service. Fitness studios were forced to close so these businesses had to move to online classes only. Studio owners did everything they could to stay afloat during the difficult times of lock-downs. These businesses look forward to re-building their community relationships. I believe there is nothing more fulfilling than an in-person workout class and being surrounded by other people that enjoy human connection and getting a good sweat on.

If you have never experienced an in-person studio workout or are looking to give a new type of workout a try, you are in luck! We have partnered with Rumble Boxing Studio and are giving away a free trial package! Rumble offers a one-of-a-kind fitness experience. They bring together a high-intensity boxing workout with the powerful platform of group fitness. The team at Rumble is supportive and inclusive making this a perfect place to get your sweat on. This package includes 2 $100 personal training gift certificates and 2 free heavy bag classes!

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