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Considering Country Living

We’ve all been growing accustomed to ‘social distancing’ in our daily lives this year but some home buyers are taking it a step further and physically distancing themselves from their neighbours.

Calgary is a geographically large city but we are lucky to have some gorgeous acreage areas that are still in a reasonable distance for commuting to work.

Having some space provides many benefits, especially during lockdown! It gives you more room to work and play on your own private property. You could build a greenhouse or large garden to grow some of your own food. You could have animals to keep you busy when other activities aren’t available. You could build an auxiliary building for a home workspace or indoor playground for the kids. You could have gatherings with friends and family while still having space to maintain distance. And you have lots of space to park vehicles, boats and RVs!

There can be some downsides as well, such as the distance to a grocery store, school or hospital. Gravel roads that may not be plowed. Slow or expensive internet. More systems to monitor and maintain such as septic and well. And of course, cutting all that grass :)

Most acreage parcels around Calgary are between 2 and 4 acres and fall within either the Rocky View or Foothills municipal districts. There is a huge variety in terms of age and size of home, from original small cabins to luxury mega-estates.

The west side of Calgary is the most expensive place to find a country home but, even there, you can find a 2-acre parcel with a large home for under $1M. Many homes are in the $1M-$2M category and you can find great mountain views, proximity to both the city and the mountains, schools and golf courses. You will also find some of the most grand estates around, in the $5M+ range. Check out some examples here!

If you travel to the south, you will find some lovely rolling hills, more affordable land, a choice between doing errands in Calgary or Okotoks and good access if you work in the south end of Calgary, such as the South Health Campus. There are plenty of places to find peace, quiet and privacy. There are more options below $1M and less options above $2M. Check out a few examples here!

To the north and east, you enter a flatter, more agricultural area with less mountain views but excellent price points to get started with acreage living. Proximity to Airdrie or Chestermere give you additional options for amenities. Easy commute if you work near YYC Airport or in Foothills Industrial. There are larger parcels of land for affordable prices here as well. Check out these examples!

There are many questions when moving to an acreage and these are all items that we can go through in detail with you if you are considering a move!

  • Is the property on a well or a water co-op?
  • What type of septic system does it have?
  • Is there garbage pick-up?
  • Where do my kids go to school and is there a school bus?
  • Am I allowed to build a shop or quonset?
  • Am I allowed to add a secondary suite?
  • Can I run a business out of my property?
  • How many horses am I allowed to have?
  • Is there good internet access?
  • Is the cell service strong?
  • What are my options for snow plowing?
  • What could potentially happen on the lands around me – industrial, agricultural, residential?

If you want to check out some acreages yourself or talk more about the acreage lifestyle, please give me a call!


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