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An exciting announcement!

I am very excited to announce a new member joining me on the RiverLife team! Bob Hearn is a brand new realtor who will be working with me going forward.

Many of you will meet Bob over the coming months as he will be the agent showing you properties or helping with offers when I am out of town. We are looking to create a seamless client experience for you and will be able to pool our time and resources to give you the most responsive customer service possible.

Bob brings a wealth of experience in the fields of journalism and communications. He is excited for this career change and will bring that energy to the table. You can read more about him here.

Our real estate market continues to send mixed messages, with detached house prices almost untouched in many sectors contrasted with a struggling condo market with high supply and limited demand.

Detached home prices are down 3% overall year-over-year in Calgary though they saw a slight increase month-over-month. Apartment prices, however, are down over 7% year-over-year and have dropped every single month since July 2015.

As I reflect back on my 11 years in this business, I have learned so much about market trends and influencing factors in our city. Nobody knows exactly when we will see the labour market or real estate market take a turn for the better in Calgary.

But I do know that sometimes the time is right to buy or sell, regardless of market conditions. Calgarians are still moving – to accommodate a growing or shrinking family as kids come and go; to get into that dream neighbourhood they have been eyeing; to move closer to work or their favourite parks and amenities.

There will continue to be some great deals on the market in the coming months, so if you have been thinking about upsizing, downsizing or even picking up a second property (rental or recreational), now may be the time to start watching price trends and getting organized to jump on the right deal when it comes around.

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