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New Year’s resolution for your home

With the continued uncertainty in Alberta’s economy, many home buyers are taking their time making decisions and some home sellers are opting to hold off on their moving plans for now.

If you are staying put for the foreseeable future, it might be a good time to invest in your current home with improvements that are good for both you and your house!

Here are a few tips on creating a motivating home gym space to help you keep your new year’s resolutions!

Or perhaps it’s time to start on that spring cleaning, especially with the sunny warm weather we are experiencing right now. Find your closest Goodwill donation centre here and get rid of clothing and household goods that could be used and appreciated by others.

It’s also an excellent time to shop around for great deals on flooring, granite, appliances, etc. as companies look to sell off some of their inventory. More contractors are also looking for work as the home building industry sees a slowdown, so make sure to get a few quotes on any jobs you are looking to do! Feel free to contact me directly for any specific recommendations.

Although the number of sales in Calgary is down significantly, there are still people making moves right now. If you are buying and selling in the same market, any small price fluctuations don’t impact you too much.

For example, if you are selling a $400,000 townhome and moving to a $600,000 house, your price difference is $200,000. If you decide to wait until later this year or next year and the market happened to drop overall by 3%, you would then sell for $388,000 and buy for $582,000, a difference of $194,000. You gain $6,000 but it’s a pretty small change in the big scheme of things.

If you are downsizing, you can actually make a gain by moving before the market drops. Given the same example of a 3% drop in prices, if you were selling a $800,000 house and moving into a $500,000 condo, the price difference would move from $300,000 to $291,000, meaning $9,000 more in your jeans if you moved now instead of waiting.

Different property types are experiencing different price changes right now so call me anytime to chat about the timing that looks best for you!

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